Steps to Canadian Immigration



What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘immigration’? The truth is, immigration is different for everyone. The process depends largely on how informed you are and how much guidance you have throughout. PICI is here to provide guidance that is specifically tailored to you, but it’s best to start by outlining the general steps to Canadian immigration.

Fun Fact: There are about 80 pathways by which you can move to Canada.


Steps Involved in Canadian Immigration

PICI has elaborated the steps to the fullest in the easiest way to make you aware of the whole procedure of immigration to Canada.


Step#1 Know Your Eligibility Status

Is it possible for you to immigrate to Canada? To respond to this query, you should first determine whether you match the basic requirements for starting a new life in Canada. To start, you must have a fair level of linguistic ability in one of Canada’s official languages, English and French, in order to incorporate them into Canadian society. You must also have the funds for being eligible to start a life in Canada. If you’re unsure about your status, PICI’s team of consultants can help. They are experts in this area as they have a number of successful cases and the team is aware of the current standard of selection.



Eligibility Criteria

  • Proficiency in English/French: You should have an adequate IELTS/CLB score with a minimum value of 5.
  • Funds: If there is no job for you lined up in Canada, you must have the settlement fund of at least $12, 960 CAD and if there is some family member going then an extra $3,492 CAD is required.
  • Medical Fitness: You have to submit proof of your good health and ensure that you are physically and mentally fit.
  • Criminal Record: Your citizen record must be clean and there is a need to submit an evidence document that you were never a part of any convictions.


Are you able to meet the bare minimums? If so, that’s amazing! Now, let’s move on to the next step.


Step#2 Choose Your Pathway

There are a variety of immigration and visa programs available for individuals who desire to settle in Canada, but how do you determine which one is appropriate for you? You don’t really want to lose your application costs on an immigration program that is overly competitive. An in-depth eligibility evaluation from professional immigration consultants (such as PICI) is the simplest method to establish your ideal pathway to Canada. With an in-depth evaluation skillfully prepared by our Prosperous International Consultants Inc, figure out which immigrant program is the best match.


9 Successful Pathways to Immigration


Applicants having Canadian work skills or experience are usually eligible for additional immigration policies, and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) prefers them. If you have a prior job offer from a Canadian employer, it will boost your CRS score in Express Entry by 50-200 bonus points!


Step#3 Document and Material Collection




If you’ve ever wondered why Canadian immigration takes so long, look no beyond the stack of documentation you’ll need to provide with your permanent residence application. It may give you some time to gather them all. If you want to be ready, check out the PICI Document Checklist:

  • Passport/ Any valid travel documentation
  • Medical fitness and examination proof/certificate
  • Biometrics
  • Criminal record from the police department
  • Language examination result
  • Education credential assessment
  • Job experience (if applicable)
  • Family information
  • Fund proofs


Step#4 Application Submission




After completing the required documents, you need to fill in the online application form which you can get from the IRCC website. Attach the required documents and pay the fee for the application. You can then submit your application through an online portal or mail service. You can select whatever method is feasible for you. In our opinion, online application forms are easier to reach and interpret. The application having correct data along with all the necessary documents will enter for processing.

Important: In case you missed sending any relevant document with your application form, it will be delivered back to you. In an even worse scenario, if you enter wrong information about yourself and any data that is not true, you will be disqualified with a ban of 5 years. You will not be eligible to apply during these years.


Step#5 Waiting for Results




An IRCC representative will then take a keen review of all the applications and verify their authenticity which may take some months. For instance, Express Entry Gateway takes 6 months to process your application form. The officer matches the information and document in compliance with the latest selection criteria. After a few months, you will get the result of your application. Most of the genuine applicants giving the right info are selected for moving to Canada permanently!


Remember: Covid-19 is influential in the Canadian immigration processing time because of travel restrictions in the world including Canada.

Enlisting the professional assistance of licensed immigration advisers who have been approved by the Canadian government to advise you on the application is safe and easy. PICI is your ultimate solution to all the queries you are too afraid to ask regarding what type of IELTS is required for Canadian immigration and how to send IELTS scores to Canadian immigration. For more queries, suggestions, feedback, or consultancy services, you can directly visit our website.