sebastiaan-stam-azIO-XUkfok-unsplashPassports, visa, ticket, money exchange, student affairs! The whole process of immigration

could be very confusing and tiresome if you do not have enough knowledge of how things are
done. So, are you still interested in moving to Canada? Have you completed your bachelor’s
and want to pursue higher education in Canada? Are you looking for a guide to answer your
immigration queries or waiting for a genuine consultant?

Not anymore! Prosperous International Consultants Inc (PICI) is an International Education and Immigration Center based in Vancouver, Canada. The company was established back in 2002 and acts as a consultancy agency for students and immigrants, specifically those going to Canada. Everybody knows it is really hard to leave your country to live or study in another country.
Leaving your family, friends, and home behind is difficult. But doing this can secure your future and fulfill the dreams of everyone that you love and care about. For young students and immigrants that come from different workplaces, getting along with an entirely new country is difficult. PICI realizes this and wants you to live like you belong. We are here to guide you through everything you need.

With 15 years of experience, 100% satisfactory reviews from clients, and 7000+ successful
cases, PICI can build an excellent future for all of you!


Our Prestigious Services

PICI provides a wide variety of services for students, immigrants, and travelers alike. Here are the services we provide:

1.   Study Abroad 

PICI offers guidance to those who wish to study abroad. In this category, you will get to know all the application processes and which college/university to select. We can also provide academic coaching that matches the level of Canadians so that you will be well prepared. There is also a great opportunity to join summer camps (for kids) where they learn and grow before their first semester begins.

2.   Immigration Service

PICI is very particular in providing specific and authentic immigration services to you. We can advise and guide you through various immigration pathways such as:

EEBC: Canadian Express Entry (EE) for skilled immigration application processing approved for graduates and degree holders. The policy started in 2015 in Canada.

SINP: Skilled immigration policy by the province of Saskatchewan and approved by the Federal Department of Immigration. 

BCPNP: Implemented in 2001, this immigration policy has the benefit of not requiring any work experience.

Federal Skilled Immigration: Based on Canadian market needs, professional needs, and the development plan of the country.

Federal Experience Class Immigration: In collaboration with EE, Canada Experience Entry provides multiple benefits.

Federal Skilled Worker Class Immigration: Works under the FST technician category of Express Entry immigration policy for skilled workers.

Masters and Ph.D. Graduate Skilled Immigration: The Category for British Colombian graduates having a degree in sciences, medicine, or mathematics.

Atlantic International Graduate Program: Employer-sponsored immigration system in Atlantic provinces for graduate students.

Ontario Graduate Immigration: A project for graduates in Ontario known as Masters Graduates Stream.

3.   Visa Services

Through our visa services, we guide you from application to arrival. We offer various visas, all of which are approved and registered at the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). PICI remains with you from material preparation to confirmation of the visa application.

Student Visa: Also known as a study permit for students who need the guidance of the visa and immigration process.

Visitor Visa: Enjoy and see the country to the fullest. We are acting for the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Schengen, and many other countries.

Work Permit: For people who want to work and make money for their family back home, there is a special work permit for you.

Dependent Visa: It has now become easier to live with your family abroad through the dependent visa. 

What Makes PICI Stand Out Among Others

The reason behind our success is undoubtedly our client’s trust. They believe in us and that is what motivates us to do better every time. Secondly, our team and the overall attitude of the company are the key factors in our success.

1. Experienced and Professional Team 

It is the team of any organization that takes it to the highest level. So is the case with Prosperous International Consultants Inc. The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at Prosperous International Consultants Inc. has experience living and studying overseas for many years. They are quite aware of the problems and all the conditions to cope up with during their stay. That is why they understand the importance of telling Chinese students and people who want to go abroad and make a living. Based on knowledge, Prosperous International Consultants Inc team is regarded as the best consultant for students. They are qualified to advise on essential topics like:

  • Immigration consultant qualification from Canadian Immigration Department
  • Canadian Provincial Education Bureau legal qualification
  • Education planning consultant education
  • Qualification of Canadian Insurance Agency

2. Consultancy Attitude

Attitude and vision are everything. The contract consultants at PICI are dedicated to going above and beyond. They search for students in over 200 universities and colleges across Canada to serve not only Canadian students but also overseas students. They also arrange various seminars in which students can directly connect to college or university representatives to get all the details and documentation required for moving to Canada. Prosperous International Consultants Inc is one of the prestigious foreign exchange institutions across China, Taiwan, Hongkong, India, Macao, Japan, and more. 

How Can You Contact PICI?

You can contact us without any hesitation through our email We are available from Monday to Friday in our office hours from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

For a personal visit, we are located at Aberdeen Square 6190-4000 No. 3 Road Richmond BC. Canada V6X 0J8.

For more information, visit our website.