Canada’s Political Parties and Their Stances on Immigration

Canada is a fully democratic country. It allows its citizens to vote for the selected candidates and ensures that every individual has the opportunity to vote for representatives at all levels of government. These representatives make judgments and pass laws that have an impact on every aspect of life.

For many people, Canada is a desirable destination. A big number of tourists visit this country. Based on work visas and work permits, Canada offers a large number of job and business opportunities. People from all over the world apply for these work permits to work in Canada. After that, they decide to make this their permanent home. Hence, a lot of immigrants can be seen in Canada. While the increasing number of immigrants from all over the world is excellent for the country’s economy, it is also a concerning scenario from the perspective of some political parties.

The country is controlled by four major political parties, each of which has elected MPs. Liberals, conservatives, New Democrats, and Greens are among the high-profile political parties of Canada. Learn all about Canada’s political parties and discover their different stances on immigration.

Liberal Party of Canada 

liberal party

This party was founded in 1867 and currently, it is led by Justin Trudeau. He is now the current Canadian Prime Minister. The Liberal Party of Canada has always shown interest in the favor of immigrants to excel. They have been a great supporter of immigrants in Canada and have always taken vouch for the immigrants. Immigration benefits the Canadian economy in general, according to the liberal’s party of Justin Trudeau, however, the extent of that gain differs depending on where newcomers settle. Although the members of the party are fully supportive of immigration reform, they have recently considered providing a more flexible approach to the immigration process. They are fully aware of the fact that a significant number of people travel to Canada. Then these immigrants settle here to work, which is a positive indicator for the Canadian government. But what will happen once these immigrants have left the country? What if the number of people who have resigned climbs higher than the number of newcomers? This will complicate the country’s economic platform, and as a result, the Liberal Party of Canada now wants more immigration flexibility. In general, the Liberals have done well in reuniting families and providing immigrant settlement services.

Conservative Party of Canada

conservative party

The Conservative Party of Canada is in the lead of Erin O’Toole. It was founded in 2003. It is one of the most influential Canadian political parties. The Canadian Conservative Party prefers highly skilled economic migrants to temporary migrant labor and members of the middle class. Conservatives believe that only well-educated, well-behaved, and well-organized people should be permitted to move to Canada for job and business opportunities. The Conservative Party of Canada has been admonished by the Liberal Party of Canada for its tough stance on family reunification and has promised to make a number of changes to help immigrants bring their families to Canada. But even so, the Conservatives are on the good side as the Conservatives’ hard and fast rules prevent different families from crossing the border illegally, ensuring that our system is subjected to genuine persecution. Although the Conservative Party of Canada has a strict immigration policy, they have considered immigrant family reunification. They have fought for families and made it possible for spouses and children to be reunited.



Jagmeet Singh is the current leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) that was founded in 1961. It is one of Canada’s oldest political parties, with a significant influence over the country’s citizens. The New Democrats Party has promised to ensure that the rules and standard of immigration fit Canada’s labor force demands and appreciate the experiences of the people, their contributions, and ties to Canada. In terms of family reunions, the NDP has worked with regions to close gaps in settlement services and increase the acceptance of international qualifications. They have also taken on the responsibility of safeguarding new and fresh immigrants by prosecuting unethical immigration consultants and ensuring that the sector is controlled by the government.

The Greens

green party

Green Party of Canada is one of the high-profiled Canadian political parties. It was founded in1983. They have enacted essential measures and acts for the reunification of immigrants’ families, among other things. Through ’earmarked transfers’ to the provinces, they have increased financing for training in official languages for new immigrants. They’ve also expanded financing for multicultural organizations that give assistance to immigrants. In terms of economic immigrants, they have made it easier for international students and employees to get permanent residency and citizenship in Canada. They’ve also abolished the Temporary Foreign Workers [sic] Program and are addressing joblessness by expanding immigration and collaborating with employers to create pathways to permanent residency.

The decisions of all Canadian political parties may differ on some levels, but the bottom line is that they all want a solid and trustworthy framework for Canada’s immigration processes. Every political party in Canada has a distinct and productive stance on immigration. Every political party wants to see Canada achieve economic progress through the immigration process. Everyone is aware of the fact that when people from all over the world find a way to visit your country for study or job, you have something special on your hands. That is what Canada is all about!