The Canadian Dream

Are you dreaming of a different life with new opportunities? Well, there is nothing wrong with dreaming big and seeking out a perfect life worth living. Without dreams and purpose, spending life is impossible. There is no point in having a life without purpose. As we are talking about dreams and realities, have you heard the phrase, “Canadian Dream” before? If not, we are going to tell you exactly what it means. So, fasten your seat belts and come along with us on this beautiful journey of discovering the Canadian dream!

What is the Canadian Dream?

Everyone has their own version of the Canadian Dream as there are so many reasons behind the immigration to Canada for different people, and that is one of the wonderful things about it. The dream of going to Canada, living there, studying in the country, or establishing a business, can all make up the Canadian Dream.  Canadians appear to have a substantially higher quality of living as well as a balanced life — a dream for many. Canadians have relatively long life spans and also work 4.6% fewer hours than similar southern counterparts, as per estimates from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

canadian dream

When travelling, you will often see Canadian tourists waving their country flag. They feel pleased with their “country’s abundant resources” and what the Canadians have achieved and done as a community. As in the Better Life Index, Canada outperforms many other countries in a variety of well-being criteria. Accommodation, subjective quality of life, safety and security, state of health, wealth distribution, social relations, environmental sustainability, employment and income, educational opportunities, work-life balance, as well as civic involvement all rate above the global average.

Canadian Dream Values 

canadian dream values

So, returning to what the people of Canada say regarding the Canadian dream, we’ve unearthed some intriguing findings. The Canadian Dream, as per respondents’ responses, comprises these three essential principles.

  • Canada’s Independence

Living the Canadian Dream has been defined as being able to express oneself freely. This is about being given the authority and liberty to have your own judgments about your values and lifestyle without facing prejudice.

  • Diversity in Canada

Many Canadians interviewed claimed that the Canadian Dream is all about embracing everyone while discussing freedom. As every fifth Canadian is a foreigner or has immigrant families, Canada can genuinely be termed the Land of Immigrants. As a result, Canadians have quite a long history of embracing newcomers and assisting them in assimilating into society. In fact, the country is known for having a “cultural mosaic” — meaning it is made up of myriad cultures and stronger for it.

  • Nature in Canada

It’s no surprise that Canadians have a unique relationship with nature. When we talk about diversity, we should also think of wonderful seasons and the privilege of having lakes, mountains, and forests. Canadians enjoy spending their holidays trekking, camping, and participating in other outdoor activities. As a result, the Canadian goal is to try to experience breathtaking scenery while also appreciating and protecting nature for coming generations.

The Canadian Dream for Immigrants

Canada had become a second home for so many immigrants. As a result, those having no choice but to flee their native country in search of a better life have realized their Canadian Dream. They’ve found work, schools, and medical care here, allowing them to give their families a happy, contented, and comfortable life. 

The Canadian Dream is attainable because of the numerous opportunities available to international students, businessmen, and talented professionals in Canada. Every year, via the federal immigration system, several provinces of Canada accept skilled immigrant workers. Canada has long needed competent employees who could help the country’s economy. There are numerous immigration schemes aimed at qualified professionals and business owners.

You might become a citizen of this prosperous country that welcomes visitors from all around the world. Upon obtaining permanent residency in Canada, you would be eligible for the Canadian government’s welfare benefits.

So, you can also take your family with you to Canada if you have permanent residency. A wife or common-law companion in Canada, for instance, will be eligible to obtain a work visa.

It is quite reasonable to claim that Canada’s immigration policies are the greatest in the world. The federal government manages these programs or streams via the well-known Express Entry system. Every department, however, has its own immigration program called the Provincial Nominee Program. Anyone who wants to relocate completely to Canada could do so with only a little planning. 

What is Your Canadian Dream?

your canadian dream

As you have also concluded from the details of the article, the Canadian Dream is nothing extraordinary except your thoughts and purpose of going to Canada because of plenty of opportunities in the country. For some, it can be flourishing a business and for others, it could be seeing his son graduating from one of the world’s top universities. So, are you aware of your “Canadian Dream”? If not, perhaps it’s time to explore the infinite options that await you in Canada!

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